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Hey readers!

I haven’t touched base with you in a while, so I wanted to update you on how things were going in the Real-series cave! So far, 2014 has been a very solid, wonderful year for me and I hope it’s treating you just as well. ♥

1) My exercise routine is back on track, my diet is full of natural green smoothies, and my family time is once again a bright spot in my day.

2) My writing hours have become super efficient, and I’m having the most fun in the writing cave! Which leads me to news about the next release!

As you know, I wanted to really enjoy the process of writing these last two books of the REAL series.

It has a blessing to be able to play around with these characters and enjoy their interactions. Melanie is so fun and sweet, and her man is beyond lust-worthy. Currently I’m finishing up their story, Real book #4, which I’d tentatively titled Raw, but I’m happy to announce that it has now formally been dubbed by me, my agent, and my publisher as ROGUE.

In my first version of this book, I had a love triangle going on, and Greyson King (Melanie’s hero) wouldn’t have it. He was determined to keep Melanie for himself and he wasn’t sharing even a page with another dude. Thank god that Adam, my Gallery editor, is such a patient and great editor, he gave me more time so I could rewrite the story, so now I’ve got their story down perfectly in ROGUE.

ROGUE is not only the perfect title because the actual book went rogue, but also because Melanie’s main man, Greyson King, is a man nobody wants to mess with, not even me.

I cannot wait to share! Their chemistry is explosive and ROGUE may just be my most alpha hero yet.

So allow me to give you the first glimpse of Greyson King, the sexiest ROGUE I know. . .



ROGUE – Book#4 REAL series preorder links:

Barnes and Noble


Image credit: markstout / 123RF Stock Photo

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Happy 2014!

Happy 2014, everyone!

Have you read Mine yet? Brooke and Remy totally slayed me, I really loved loved loved being able to spend more time with them! Hope you enjoy!

Mine preorder links:
Barnes and Noble

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Happy Holidays!

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RAW/ RIPPED in 2014

Hey guys! Some of you have heard or noticed that the release dates for the next Real series books (RAW and RIPPED) have once again shifted. Rather than answer individual inquiries, I thought it best to write this post.

When I sat down to write REAL, I did so with no expectations of selling or publishing, and the story simply poured out of me. That story means so much to me that when I had the opportunity to bring the books to a larger audience, I could not say no. It was an incredibly exciting experience, from knowing that I had a publishing “home” for these stories to seeing my books translated – for the first time – into languages other than English. It has all been amazing!!

In addition to the excitement, however, there has been a good deal of stress, and in turn, some real health problems that have delayed my writing, pushed back publishing dates, and, in a vicious cycle, added more stress. My publisher has been graciously understanding, and my family has been incredibly patient, but my body, on the other hand, has not been so amenable to the current timeline. As you all know, I’m a firm believer in health and healthy living, as I myself battle with conditions that demand that I do my best to regulate my stress, eat clean, and so on. I’ve really tried to give my all to everyone who has supported and encouraged and depended on me, but my energy tank is running on low,  and I realize that I desperately need to take a little time for myself, especially since I really want to give you all my best. So now, my publisher has worked with me on new dates for RAW (7/29/14) and RIPPED (12/16/14).

We still plan on publishing both books in 2014, and surprisingly, RAW is once again taking the lead spot. 🙂  Melanie has a very, very determined hero on her hands, and he just won’t let me go. So their story will come first in July, and YES! We will definitely see Brooke and Remy, Pete and Riley, and Melanie’s man – Greyson – who has already firmly grabbed hold of both my heart and hers.

Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize, once again, for the delay, but I truly want to give you all my BEST and cannot wait to share these stories with you!

*I am sorry for those wanting signed paperbacks, I still don’t have some to spare! But I’ll try to get some ready for March or April so we can celebrate Real’s one-year-release anniversary with signed paperbacks available as well. Hugs and much love and gratitude! 

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Remy preview

I am terribly excited that MINE has finally released! Thanks to everyone for all the notes, PM’s, emails, and reviews you’ve been leaving over at the vendor sites. It means so much when my work touches you the same way it did me.

To me, each one of Remy and Brooke’s books is like a stage in a relationship. REAL is the falling in love, the lust, the mystery, the excitement. MINE is the reality, the challenges, the acceptance, the growth, the devotion. And REMY, consisting of scenes in the present, and in the past, is the perfect wrap-up. I hope I can do this couple justice and that you have a pleasurable time reading about them.

Now, to all my readers who missed it; my newsletter subscribers always get little extras, and this time they got a sneak peek of REMY!

Because some of you were sad that you were not able to sign up on time, I am attaching the newsletter link for you below, but warning: do not read the REMY attachment until you finish MINE since it contains spoilers! 

*I have edited this post to reiterate that the REMY PREVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Click on this newsletter link only if you have read MINE to download the PDF for a sneak peek of REMY. (I truly cannot wait to share all of him on November 26!) 




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 In case you guys missed this sexy MINE teaser reveal today at Totally Booked, here it is!

* * *

“Ladies and gentlemen, we all remember our crushed souls—our crushed spirits!—when the crowd favorite lost the championship final last year.”

The crowd boos in memory, and my throat clogs thinking about how Remy’s broken body had been carried out of the ring.

“Have no fear, people. Have no fear!”

REMY!!!!!!!!!” someone screams.

“Bring him out already!” another yells.

“Oh, we will. Have no doubt about it, we will,” the announcer somberly says, painfully drawing it out for the crowd. “After much speculation and many rumors, it’s completely official. The man is fighting this season, and he’s taking no prisoners, people! Here he is, ladies and gentlemen. Here. He. Is! You all know who I’m talking about?”

The crowd roars, “RIP-TIIIIIIIDE!”



“One more time, ’cause I can’t hear you!”


“That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Here’s our favorite bad boy with that infamous smile and those deadly fists, ready to carve R.I.P. into anyone who stands in his way this year. The one, the only, Remingtoooon Tate, your RIPTIIIIIIIIIDE!!”

Wild excitement rushes through me as the crowd stands and roars like never before.

“My god, the fans are thirsty for him,” Pete breathes.

And so am I. My god. So am I.

Across the ring from me, women are waving panties in the air. Panties! Another lifts a sign that reads pull me under, riptide!

My mouth is dry, and a thousand and one winged things flutter in my stomach when I see a flash of red.

And then, he’s closer.

Trotting out of the walkway and to the ring.

To his ring.

My body enlivens with sensations as he breaks through the crowd.

Some fans have escaped their seats and make a grab for him, but he easily shoves his way through the throng, his face shadowed by the hood of his red satin robe. Remy. My Remy. The man I love with every ounce of me.

“Riptide, you put the sex in SEXY!”

“Remy, I want you to fucking impregnate me!”

He climbs into the ring with a fluid jump, and then he removes his riptide robe, slowly, without hurry. Hundreds of female screams ring in my ears as he goes to his corner to hand the robe to Riley, his coach’s second.

Riley pats his muscled back with a smile and tells him something. Remington throws his head back as if he’s laughing and then takes the center of the ring, spreads his long, ripped arms out, and starts doing his slow and cocky I-know-you-all-want-to-fuck-me turn.

I’m dying.

I will never, ever, get used to the sight of him in that ring. My heart whams excitedly into my rib cage while all my insides pulse with need, and my chest feels like a balloon about to burst in excitement. Hard, lean, and perfect, he is all dangerous, all beautiful, and all mine.

My eyes absorb every inch of what every other woman here is drooling for, and I helplessly let my gaze run up and down his perfect athletic form. My eyes lovingly caress his tan and kiss the inky Celtic bands over his biceps. I admire his torso and his long, strong legs, his sculptured arms, his narrow waist and broad shoulders. Every muscle in his perfect body is so defined that you would know exactly where one structure ends and the next begins if you trailed your fingers along his magnificent form.

And as he turns even more, I see the washboard abs with eight squares—eight! Yes, it is impossible, but he’s got them . . . and his face.

Oh god, I can’t even take it.

The scruffy jaw. The brilliant blue eyes. The sexy smirk. The dimples. He’s got a smile on his face, his expression, one that tells you he’s got a whole lot of trouble planned for the evening and you don’t want to miss it, is playful and boyish.

A collective gasp spreads out in the rows behind me as he moves to face us.

The butterflies in my stomach burst awake when those dancing blue eyes start scanning the crowd, silently laughing at all of us. He’s clearly amused by our obsession over everything Remington Tate!

Beside me, a middle-aged blonde with too much Botox jumps up and down and screams like a lunatic, “Remy! Give me a taste of that Riptide!”

The impulse to drag the woman down by her hair seizes me, but at the same time, I know you can’t look at him without dissolving into a pool of lust.

He is a stud. He was made to mate. To procreate.

And I want him like my next breath.

I want him more than any one of these screaming women wants him.

I want every fragmented part of him. I want his body. His mind. His heart. His beautiful soul.

He says he’s mine, but I know that there’s a part of Remington Tate nobody will ever have.

I am his, but he is untamable and unconquerable.

The only one who can defeat Remington Tate is himself.

He’s up there, ever elusive and mysterious, a black box of mystery without end. And I want to get lost in him, even if I never come out the same.

My nerve endings stir and tingle in excitement as his twinkling blue eyes glide down the length of my row, where he knows I will be. I swear every part of me quivers in anticipation, waiting for those eyes to find me.

They do.

He electrifies me. Invisible currents leap between us. His smile blazes through me, and suddenly, the inside of my chest, where my heart beats, feels like a burning torch he’s just lit.

His eyes hold me clasped in the loving heat of his, and I can see his quiet joy tonight, his possessiveness, the territorial stare that tells everyone in this room that I. Am. His.

Then he points at me.

My heart stops.

It seems that everyone’s eyes follow the finger pointing in my direction, aimed straight at my chest, where my heart races for him, his red-hot blue gaze clearly saying, “This one’s for her.”

A delighted roar from the crowd explodes around me. It hits me like adrenaline, like a shot of tequila that flies straight to your head, the way his fans love him. The way he loves them back. The way he loves me.

I’m amazed by the way the public reacts to him and by the way he stands there, with his dimples flashing, sucking in all the energy in the room and channeling it into “Riptide.”

God, I love him, and I never want him to forget it!

Overcome with the impulse, I blow him a kiss.

He catches it and smashes it to his mouth.

The crowd grows even louder. Remy points at me, laughing, and I’m laughing too. My eyes burn a little because I’m so happy that I just can’t fit inside my skin. I’m happy that he’s happy, and he’s where he belongs.

This is his season. This year, nothing will stop Remington Tate from being the Underground League champion.


To preorder Mine, Book #2 REAL series, follow these links:
Barnes and Noble

REAL – Book #1 of the REAL series buy links:

Barnes and Noble

REMY – Book #3 REAL series preorder links:

Barnes and Noble

RIPPED – Book #4 REAL series preorder links:
Barnes and Noble

RAW – Book#5 REAL series preorder links:

Barnes and Noble

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